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Scheme of the proton LINAC for the neutron source

A volume type ion source will delivers a 120keV, 200mA proton beam continuously. It is intended to use a LEBT section consisting of four solenoids to transport the beam and to match it into the acceptance of the RFQ. A chopper system between solenoid 2 and 3 will provide beam pulses with a length of about 100ns with a repetition rate of 250kHz. The RFQ and the following IH drift tube linac will be coupled together to achieve an efficiency beam acceleration. Furthermore only one power amplifier will be needed to provide the RF power for both accelerator stages. The Mobley type bunch compressor will merge 9 micro bunches formed in the accelerator module to one single 1ns bunch with an estimated peak current of about 8.3A. A rebuncher will provide the post acceleration at a final beam energy adjustable between 1.8 and 2.2MeV.

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